All About Sorela…

Sisters’ D’ette and D’anna have been singing and entertaining for most of their lives. Barely in their twenties Sorela possesses an unmatched combination of beauty, talent, poise, experience and ambition. Born in Albuquerque New Mexico Sorela’s early years were spent in the entertainment capital of the world Las Vegas Nevada, before moving back to New Mexico. Exposed to the glitz and glamour of the Las Vegas show biz this left an everlasting imprint that inspired their careers. But it was in the New Mexico where Sorela got their start winning a church talent contest and $100.00. This led to many more church, civic, scholastic performances and shopping sprees throughout their school years. In 1997 the girls recorded “Si Quieres Verme Llorar” and “Estes Tu” under the name D’Girlz as they were called at the time. Both songs gained major regional air play. These two songs established their unique sound blending elements of R & B, Pop and Latin rhythms recorded in Spanish. Living in New Mexico the girls have performed and enjoyed recording traditional Spanish Mexican songs in ranchera, cumbia and ballad styles. After years of continued mispronunciation of D’Girlz they decided a new group name was in order. The girls were no longer little girls and they were becoming more and more in demand due to their popularity. In 2004 the girls looked to their Spanish and Italian ancestry for a new name. Written memoirs from their great great Italian grandparents showed the term Sorela when addressing their siblings. The two romantically entwined languages made for the perfect name “Sorela” which means “Sister”. That same year Sorela recorded their first full length CD. The CD received numerous awards and nominations. Sorela received four nominations from the New Mexico Entertainers Association in 2005 for the categories of Traditional Ranchera of The Year, Latin R & B/Hip Hop Song of The Year, Album of The Year and came home with the award for Song of The Year for “La Novia de Pajarillo”.

Sorela also received nine nominations from the New Mexico Hispano Music Association in 2005. After delivering a stunning performance at that award show the girls took home awards for; Vocal Duo of The Year, Latin/Pop Song of The Year and Producer of The Year for the self-titled album Sorela. In 2006 Sorela was honored from the New Mexico Music Awards winning Best Musical Production Country. This award was pivotal giving Sorela another new musical direction from this already multi-versatile sister duo. The girls were inspired to play guitar and bass guitar during their shows. That same year Sorela was named Female Entertainers of The Year by the New Mexico Musicians Fund. All of these awards and accolades caught the attention of a Nashville producer. Sorela flew to Nashville several times in 2006 to record original music written for Sorela in Spanish and in English. Sorela’s Nashville producer is still pursuing a major record deal. Sorela’s Nashville recording experience has proven to be a turning point in D’ette and D’anna’s career. From these sessions one of the songs that emerged was the masterfully produced “Te Amo Tanto” which received mass regional air play and introduced another new side of Sorela. “Te Amo Tanto” was named Song of The Year by the New Mexico Hispano Entertainers Association in 2007, which lead to Sorela being named once again Female Entertainers of The Year 2007. Sorela has just been named “Female Entertainers of the Year” once again for 2008 making it three years in a row!

A huge boost to Sorela’s career came on May 31st 2008 when D’ette and D’anna were asked to perform on the “Garrison Keillor Show” A Prairie Home Companion. Broadcast to millions, “LIVE” is almost unheard of. Sorela mesmerized the live audience with their unique and beautiful harmonies in both English and Spanish. The demand for Sorela has now become nationwide. Hundreds of e-mails from across the USA requestion their music and want to see them in concert. Gold record winner, singer-songwriter Michael Martin Murphy has contacted Sorela to perform with him as featured artists for future shows and concerts after hearing Sorela on the Garrison Keillor Show. Michael Martin Murphy is best known for the smash hit “Wildfire”. One of the most played records in history.

Sorela was selected as one of the top 15 New Mexico artists (Quince Grandes) by the Latin Music Academy of New Mexico in 2010 and 2011. This award was given along with Sparx, Lorenzo Antonio, Gonzalo, Al Hurricane, El Gringo and other top NM artists. These award shows are available on CD and DVD.